Saturday, August 16, 2014

842TH POST: THE 842

The 842 is a quiet route

that wends its way through no particularly interesting parts of Orem and ends at Riverwoods.  Unlike the 862, which apparently has picked up some business since FrontRunner South happened, the 842 seems to always just pick up a few.  However, the routing has not changed and the schedule has stayed almost the same since it started, which suggests that it's at least better than the 833 and 836.

I say almost stayed the same--the infamous February 2013 change day meant that there would no longer be a good connection between FrontRunner and the 842 without the bus coming more often.  Unfortunately, the 842 comes every sixty minutes.

On the pair of occasions when I have caught the 842, I have gathered that this pattern is probably true: FrontRunner pulls in and, at the right time of day, people pile onto the 830 and 831 (soon to be 841).  The buses leave.

Then nothing happens for about 10 minutes.

Finally, quietly, inconspicuously, the 842 pulls in.  Up to 5 people get off.  Up to 5 people get on.  The bus immediately slips back out of the station and no one is the wiser.

The main reason anyone rides the 842, as far as I can tell, is that the 862 does not connect with FrontRunner directly, so people wishing to go from FrontRunner to north Orem find the 842 useful.  The 850 connects with FrontRunner on both ends and also serves north Orem, but it takes a long time from either end of the line.  There are people who are willing to put up with a long transfer time at Orem station and just happen to need the bus at a time when the 842 is running, so they take the 842.  But at any other time you have to transfer from the 830 to the 862 or catch the 850 anyway, so I can see why the 842 hasn't really caught on yet.

The future?  Certainly brighter than for the 833 and 836, though if anything happens to those routes it will be the 842 that sits at the bottom of the pile.  I can't say that service will increase on the 842 any time soon; likely it will linger, pale and ghostlike, until some other change in the Orem transit market necessitates a change to all the routes around it--in which case it will probably be changed or cut.

But I don't, actually, know everything.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand now I don't have to write a post about the 841, either. I won't make it up to 854 posts tonight, though.