Tuesday, August 5, 2014


July is recently behind us--July, the month we love in Utah because it has TWO days off.  One to celebrate the sacrifice of our pioneer forebears (well, they're my forebears, at least); another to recognize the bold experiment in equitable government that cost many lives to implement but has produced many happy generations of citizens since.  Both involve parades, community events, the consumption of somewhat excessive amounts of moderately unhealthy food (I'm hedging here), and, hopefully, a little remembering.

Only one of them involves transit.

This past Pioneer Day we decided we were going to the parade.  The Spanish Fork parade, that is--showing up to a parade a half-hour before and watching from my cousin's front lawn sounded more fun than showing up hours before and jostling for position with other people we didn't know but probably wouldn't even like that much if we did, all while convincing Baby that we really were having a good time, despite his resonant protestations to the contrary.  Trust me, the Spanish Fork parade was quite enough for him!

commutergirl assumed that we would be driving down to Utah County, since we generally do that when we are visiting my family on a holiday with no transit service, until I mentioned that FrontRunner would be running Saturday service, at which point she looked at me like I were slightly crazy (I'm hedging here).

FrontRunner is running on Pioneer Day?

She was surprised by this, as you may have gathered, because, for the past two years, there has been no transit service whatsoever on the Fourth of July along the Wasatch Front.  None.  Which brings me to my next point.

Can we please have some service next Fourth of July?




Please understand.  I am UTA's biggest fan.  I have stood by UTA through thick and thin, through asinine  Tribune articles and late trains, through unfortunate pedestrian incidents and buses only coming every 90 minutes on Saturdays.  I have blogged through it all and I have remained astonishingly positive and supportive.

I don't like Provo, either.  But it still exists.  It stung a little bit that the first Fourth of July that FrontRunner was running down south was also the first Fourth of July that no service was running.  I mean, have you seen the traffic in Provo on the Fourth of July?

Of course, it's not just Provo, either.  Two years ago commutergirl and I went to the Sugarhouse Arts Festival on the bus.  We did not go see the fireworks at Sugarhouse park, but they happened.  Lots of other people went to see them.  The point is, a lot of stuff is going on, and a lot of people would take transit to them if they knew they had the option.

It is not as a idle request aimed at a vaguely hated government agency, nor as a specious attempt to aggrandize myself by attempting to find weaknesses in others that I offer up this plea.  It is simply the earnest desire sprung from the deep heart of a loving little boy

(I never used that particular phrase before because up until last year I had forgotten exactly what an earnest desire sprung from the deep heart of a loving little boy felt like)

that I offer to UTA and to the community at large.  Let's have some transit next July 4th.  It would make me so very happy--it would honestly make my year.  And it would make a lot of other people happy as well.

(Not hedging)

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