Saturday, August 16, 2014


Back last year when it was especially cool to hate on UTA, I was standing waiting for the 39 at Meadowbrook, I couldn't help but hearing one of my dear fellow passengers regaling those who were polite enough to listen about how bus and train drivers never wait for each other and leave their customers out in the cold waiting for the next one.

(Sir, you are waiting for a bus that is tied for "comes most often" in the entire UTA system.  Please try to die less easily)

I decided that I already had enough stress in my life and didn't need to hear this now.  When he yelled, "They should all be fired!" I got up and walked all the way back to the 41 stop

thiiiiiiiiis far
to enjoy the rest of my wait in relative peace and quiet.

Then the 39 came.  After we all got on, when the driver was preparing to pull out of the station, a TRAX train pulled in.  Instead of pulling out of the station, the driver


like thiiiiiiiiiis
to pick up everybody that had just gotten off the train.

I hope that man wrote it in his journal that night.

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