Thursday, September 4, 2014


I have stood on the FrontRunner platform at Murray many a time in the last year-and-eight-months, listening to the


of the brakes as the train pulls in, but I never understood why this happened until last week.

You see, there was a man leaning against the glass under one of the canopies, the vicissitudes of whose life I wouldn't presume to guess, who had fallen asleep leaning. Sometimes your body sends you a message, and it's best you heed it.

But he would have probably slept through the train coming in (or it would have become the awkward responsibility of someone else waiting for the train to wake him) had it not been for the


of the brakes as the train pulled in. The squeal, coupled with the train pulling in at approximately

0.000000000000000000000001 MPH

meant that he had plenty of time to wake from slumber, take stock of his surroundings, gather his things, and calmly board the train.

Gee, those FrontRunner people thought of everything.


  1. After going to amusement parks, I wonder if an engineer has come up with a breaking system similar to roller coasters for larger vehicles. Where there is a supplemental breaking system on the tracks near the station.

    1. It would certainly make sense to have a supplemental braking system for a commuter rail train--though I confess I have no idea if FrontRunner has one or not :)