Saturday, November 15, 2014


This is the only city I know of where a bus can say "This is the" on the front of it and be absolutely correct.

This is the latest make of UTA bus that runs on this route where this trick works -- the last one where the front of the bus will say "This is the" at any time.

This is the most likely location for me to photograph such a bus, since I only occasionally use this route and don't frequent the other destinations it services (off the bus, anyway; I frequently bless the U with my presence on the way to work these days, but opportunities for photographing other buses are fleeting, subject to chance, and complicated by full-bus ad spreads)

This is the only time of day I could snag such a photograph, since there are only two times of day this bus could say "This is the" on the front of it, and the other is mostly before I get off work, and anyway, it gets dark early this time of year.

This is the only "all-day" bus route I know of that starts at a "Central" station, goes through a downtown and an excessively hipster neighborhood and ends at a large university whose last trip from said Central Station is at 5:15 p.m.

This is the only time of year when 5:15 p.m. is dark enough for me to pretend that the last 3 of the "night" is leaving sometime late in the evening instead of right in the middle of rush hour. I have to pretend this way with other routes, too; but this route is my greatest challenge.

This is the only blog I know of where you can find someone simultaneously philosophizing about bus hours of service and what words show up on the front of them--though I'm convinced I'm not completely alone in my weird obsession with transit.

This is the longest writing a post like this has ever taken me because Baby was up sick and cranky most of the night last night and then we had to get up this morning and take family pictures and go shopping and generally take care of a grumpy toddler and eventually decide to take him to a playplace in the afternoon because otherwise he was going to vandalize all our posessions except that then it turned out that he was so tired he was going to fall asleep in the car coming back from the TRAX station and mess up his sleep schedule for tonight so we had to resort to all sorts of antics to keep him awake and he was giving me looks like "what is WRONG with you people" and anyway I'm tired as all get out and having a horrible time concentrating and my brain is thinking like this run-on sentence so I'm sorry if what I wrote above is not even marginally interesting but it struck me as amusing that there is a bus with "This is the" on the front of it so I took a picture and then I realized that there really were a lot of unique things contributing to this picture so I wrote a post about it and now I'm really tired.

And this is the last sentence I'm writing tonight; good night, and happy trails on transit.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


You're doing it wrong.

More importantly, you're holding up my 209.

Why do you put yourselves through this every day?

Monday, November 3, 2014


Some friends of mine came up with it recently. It's really pretty simple.

Ride a '99 or '01 Gillig.

The bus will jiggle and rattle so much that you will discover you had rolls of fat in places you had never conceived.

Trust me, you'll get right off the bus and head for a treadmill.