Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This first one is rather clever.

  • Makes me a little sad when people want the transit system to go further than it does. For the record, I'd be the first one behind a cross-country rapid rail network if I thought it were remotely financially feasible. For now I guess I'll have to stick to walking into a room and quietly asking "Night service? Weekends?"
  • Because that's clearly working so well.
This next sentiment crops up from time to time, though it has calmed down a bit since last year or the year before:

  • A "cold, uncomfortable Gillig?" You mean the cold, uncomfortable Gillig I ride to work every day?
  • (Thank you, by the way, for using commas between adjectives)
  • "20+" seems awfully generous based on the number of people I have ever seen on a 454. Granted, I've never actually taken the 454 to Grantsville, but unless there's a great mancha of you getting on at the airport, I'm skeptical.
  • And anyway, those getting on at the airport won't have even the coldest of uncomfortable rides for "30+ mi./1 hr."
  • Even if it is 20+ on all the days I don't see a 454, that's hardly enough to warrant an MCI, since you all basically would get your own seat on a Gillig anyway. Just be grateful you don't get an Optima. Or a flex bus.
  • I used to ride a cold, uncomfortable 811 down the freeway from Orem to Sandy with 70+ people on it. I know, it doesn't seem possible. But, back in the day, there was one UTA route that actually was overcrowded. And I was on it. People sat in each other's laps; people stood in the gaps between seats when other people were sitting in both seats; people had to get off the bus to let others off, then scurry back on before the door closed and the bus pulled away. I think those people could complain about not having an MCI and be justified.
  • I know, I keep forgetting, you're special. Someday I'll remember that on my own before you have to remind me.

Our favorite reporter is always a good source for treasures:

  • The TRAX stop where now?
  • Did UTA sneak in another station on the Draper Line without telling me? The nerve. Clearly, you have the inside track on all things UTA, since you know things even I don't.
  • Or is this just a typo? 'Cause I can't wait to see what other articles it gets copy-pasted into.
This last one is not about transit, but it gave me a healthy, soul-healing laugh. In the midst of a heated debate over whether Mormons practice polygamy or not, someone introduced some new terminology:

(I cut off the last sentence, but you don't really need to know what it said, do you, really?)

  •  Convenient is not a noun, that I'm aware of . . . enlighten me: what is a convenient?
  • "Clearly," you are the authority on all Mormon doctrine. I've been going to the wrong source for Sunday School all these years.
  • But seriously, thanks for the laugh. I've not laughed that hard about an angsty online comment for a long time.
 Have an excellent Wednesday!