Monday, December 8, 2014


Recently BYU announced an extremely wise decision: next school year they will charge for parking and offer bus shuttles for free. Having observed, and fought over, the parking situation during my extensive BYU career, and having earned a master's degree in transportation engineering during that time, I feel I can speak with authority when I say to BYU:


It has taken you eleven years to even get approximately close to what you already had when I was a freshman. You want a cookie?

Though the Ryde STILL won't take you anywhere outside of the bubble, unless I am very much mistaken.

As I've mentioned before, I've nothing in particular against the Ryde (except, perhaps, their sophomoric advertising--but then they are a college shuttle service, I suppose); I'm just annoyed that it took so long for the BYU administration to learn by hard experience at the students' expense.

(Oh, and BYU students who are whining to high heaven about paying for parking: suck it up. $60 per semester doesn't even begin to approximate how much money BYU is spending on maintaining each parking space. Be warned--you've potentially provided me with an abundance of "treasures" to share in the coming days.)

Oh, and UTA:

It might be time to end this one-sided relationship and put that service somewhere else--oh and I have so many suggestions for what you can do instead . . .


  1. I don't understand the dysfunctional relationship that exists between BYU and UTA. :P

  2. Riding Frontrunner right now thanks to Weber State University.

  3. They better have reached a new high by the time the BRT opens, or a lot of money will go to waste.