Thursday, March 5, 2015

863TH POST: THE 863

It will not be news to many of you that the 863 started out as the 853, then underwent a few transformations without changing its basic mission. Why the number changed, I don't know.

The 853/863 have always serviced Adobe from the Lehi FrontRunner station, ever since there was Adobe, and ever since there was FrontRunner at the Lehi FrontRunner station (the FrontRunner station had been around for a while, but the 853 didn't start until FrontRunner service started. Technically Adobe was around before FrontRunner started--UTA ran a few special buses that said "ADOBE" for a few weeks from Sandy Civic Center, but then FrontRunner happened and everybody forgot about special buses). For a while they tried to service I.M. Flash as well, but that was apparently better left to a few trips on the 807.

It took UTA a while to decide exactly how to show the route on a schedule; for a while the Adobe/I.M. Flash trips were separated from the Adobe trips on the schedule (and they used different stops at Lehi station?!), which was very confusing because you had to look at two different parts of the schedule to find out that you could get to Adobe every half hour, but to I.M. Flash only sometimes. The current way (with all morning trips labeled as "to Adobe Xactware" and all afternoon trips as "to Lehi Station") is much clearer.

Last year the route was renumbered as 863 and all trips went to Xactware but none went to I.M. Flash. At some point along the way the F868 was removed from American Fork station and became the midday equivalent of the 853/807, but apparently that's going away next month--the F868 was never the shining star of the group, even among the flex routes . . .

I have seen the 853/863 disembark a few times at Lehi in the afternoon, and there were a fair number of people getting off it, so I would guess it's doing okay, probably aided by passes from such progressive companies as Adobe (or do I assume?). Anyway, it'll probably be around for a while, at least as long as the MCI's last, wink wink. We've got to put those MCI's somewhere.



  2. YAAAAAAAAAY! 15-minute 850!
    And an extra trip at night in both directions!

    *fans self*

  3. Also, from a cursory glance of the new schedules. . .

    The 811 turns into a peak-hour service (though keeps the same number of trips on Saturdays). And goes to BYU on weekdays (but not on weekends; bummer, because I know BYUers could use a return of Sunday service to Salt Lake).

    The 209 will begin terminating at Central Station on Sundays only. Interesting. I guess it makes sense since the only thing you can connect to at North Temple is the Green Line, and you can do that on 1st South.

    Red and Blue Line trips going outbound on Saturdays and Sundays will now travel all the way to the end of the line. Right on. Oh, and the Green and Red Lines receive reduced time on the schedule... Not sure what this means for the Red Line, which has a hard time staying on time at peak hours when it stops at every light on 4th South.

    1. That is an interesting tidbit about the 209, though, like you say, it could make sense. Probably too small to need a public hearing?

      The 811's running time is not appreciably greater in either direction for most of the day, even though the route is being extended to BYU, which to me could mean one of three things: 1) the current route is holding for time at every single timepoint; 2) the new schedule is entirely unrealistic; or 3) the route is being streamlined. I guess we'll see when the maps come up.

      I'm glad to hear that about TRAX, because especially on Sunday the service ends painfully early. Though I share your skepticism on the Red Line southbound, which I have regularly seen coming out of order during the afternoon rush. I suppose I shall continue serenely taking the 220 and let the trains sort themselves out at Courthouse.