Friday, March 27, 2015


The other day I was riding the 2 to work, which is slightly faster than riding the 220 to work, even though I have to transfer from the 209, because I don't have to bless the U with my presence on the way to work. We were stopped at an intersection where there also happened to be a bus stop. A man who was sitting near the front of the bus got up and walked all the way to the door--not to the white line, mind you, but all the way to the door, as though he were about to get off. Which was odd, because neither he nor anyone else had pulled the cord, universally regarded as the signal for wanting to get off the bus. Or so I thought.

The bus driver regarded him humorlessly. "Did you . . . want to get off?"

"Yes," the man replied. "That's why I said 'ding ding!'"

The driver had not been amused before, but now the air was thick with his unamusement. I, on the other hand, stifled a giggle.

The driver sighed. "You can't just say 'ding ding.' You have to actually pull the cord . . ."

Unimpressed, the passenger gestured toward the door, as if to say, how much more obvious do I need to make it?

"Whatever." The driver let him off.

Several of us on the bus had a good incredulous chuckle after that.


  1. I love this post. As someone who has observed a fair amount of aberrant behavior on transit, I love this post.