Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So, yes, we rode the bus on Memorial Day. Were you expecting anything less?

We first took the 21 to go to the zoo. The 228 doesn't run on Saturdays, and the 3 doesn't go anywhere near anywhere near where we live, so it was just easier to take the 21. We were the only ones on it for a while--the bus driver said that there had been people on the bus earlier in the morning, but that the rain had kept people inside for the last half-hour or so. I guess if it's Memorial Day, and the bus is coming every half-hour, you can afford to wait for the next one if you so choose.

We asked Baby what his favorite animal at the zoo was, and he said "Grampa." The bus driver had a good laugh about that.

Later that day, we took the 209 downtown and the 220 home (downhill both ways!) and both buses were about as busy as I would expect for a normal Saturday, which is to say they weren't full but they weren't nearly empty either. There were seventeen people on the 220 at its fullest point.

I can't speak for how the rest of the Wasatch Front felt about public transportation that day, though I have heard from a reliable source that there were lots of people on the 830. As far as we were concerned, though, it was lovely to have service on Memorial Day, and we've already got ambitious plans for the Fourth!

("Ambitious" might be a little strong.)

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