Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Many of you in the greater Salt Lake City area noticed that a few days ago there were a couple of days where the air was replete with mayflies. There was a news story about it one night; commutergirl and I marveled at the volatory insects that filled the air around the reporter's head. Then the next day I was waiting for the bus stop and they were flying all around my head. It was quite unnerving.

The bus came. The driver said, "What is with all these bugs everywhere?"

I said, "I don't know, but they're driving me crazy."

He said, "There's one in your beard."

I'm sure the scene that followed was funny to watch. Eventually my frantic scrabbling successfully removed the offending insect from my facial hair and deposited it on the floor.

I looked at the bus driver. He looked back at me. I left the bug on the floor and walked away. The bus driver didn't say anything. Bus drivers are, in general, a pretty unflappable bunch.

That was one thing they never told me about beards.

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