Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Well, another Change Day has come and gone. I admit I've seen more people on the 220 than I expected, meaning that I don't see fewer people when I get on the bus in the evening now that the bus is running more often after 7:00 p.m.

(Ideally, that's what you want: more people on more buses, or at least the same number of people on more buses; what you don't want is the same amount of people spread across more buses. Unless you're the kind who wants to take up five seats by yourself, in which case the 220 may not be the route for you)

Then there's the 470. I confess I have not taken the 470 since Change Day, though I will probably take it at least once tomorrow. Having noticed that the 470 was going to add another new variation (going to Layton Station instead of or in addition to Clearfield), I suddenly needed to know just how many different versions of the 470 there were going to be. The answer may shock you:


12 Northbound and 10 Southbound. Of course you want to know what they are.

The current 470 is truly a marvel of transit complexity, and a lot of people certainly take it, but looking at all this confusion

(I could have turned this into a matrix that would have been easier to read, but I wanted to impart some of the confusion that the average person feels when consulting the schedule)

I can't help but wonder if some of these special trips need to turn into their own routes. Is it time to kill the octopus?