Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Despite technically being the closest route to where I live, the 213 is mostly useless to me, since I don't attend the University of Utah nor often visit Union Park; even if I did, I literally couldn't return home after 6:00 p.m. on a weekday (5:00 p.m. on a Saturday), so I don't often find myself doing it. But occasionally, I do take the 213 for, shall we say, research purposes . . .

If I take the 213 to work, I have to transfer somewhere at the U; nowhere is completely convenient, but one of the more interesting ways to do it is to switch to the 2 at the U Hospital. I confess that the off-peak commute perversely fascinates me

(don't worry if you didn't understand that; it's not that important, and explaining it wouldn't help)

and I'm always interested to see how the 2 in the "wrong" direction is doing in the mornings, so I've done it a few times since moving to Sugar House. As I mentioned in the post that arguably set me on the path to marriage, I'm very conscious of when to pull the cord, but I've realized that when I make this particular trip I have to suppress my usually trustworthy cord-pulling instincts. You see, one day I got it wrong.

I pulled the cord too early. When I err in cord pulling, it's usually on the too-early side.

Unlike most times that I pull the cord too early, however, I betrayed weakness this time, allowing the word "shoot" to softly escape my lips as I remembered that we still had to pass the stop at Primary Children's Hospital before getting to University Hospital.

(The word really was "shoot." I don't say the other word all the time)

As he could only be expected to, the bus driver stopped at Primary Children's and magnanimously waited for someone to exit the bus. And as can usually be expected, no one actually needed the bus stop for Primary Children's.

(That's not anything against Primary Children's as a medical institution; it's just that the bus stop is in an awkward spot and it's actually easier to use the Medical Center TRAX Station or the U Hospital bus stop. Just throwing that out there.)

It being decent early and I being fatigued, I decided not to try to explain from the very back of the bus; the bus driver figured it out pretty quickly, and magnanimously continued on to the University Hospital stop.

I was willing to forget about it after that, except that at this juncture one of my fellow passengers turned to me and said, snippily:


at which point I became extremely annoyed at her cheek at pointing out a minor error that is committed by many and that, given the speeds at which buses have to enter the loop at the U Hospital, cost everyone on the bus at most three seconds. I briefly considered several harsher things to say, but finally decided on


which sounds quite meek until you remember that I have no poker face;

No, no, I said I have no poker face

Q: How do you wake up Lady Gaga from her nap?
I'm pretty sure that my annoyance was writ large, and that my attempt at an even tone of voice came off a touch menacing. In any case, she hasn't made eye contact with me since.

Granted, I don't take the 213 that often.

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