Wednesday, December 2, 2015


A few days ago I got a new phone. Hooray.

I used this phone to flag down the 209 the other night, because it was dark. I was unfamiliar with the bus-flagging-down capabilities of my new phone, but after a cursory glance (as the bus was approaching) I decided that the peachy color of the default lock screen would suffice, and I began waving the phone animatedly in graceful arcs through the air in front of my person. I was vindicated when the bus pulled over to let me on.

The bus driver said amiably, "Even though it was dim, thanks for the light."

I'm pretty sure he was just making conversation, and he certainly didn't have to thank me, but a small part of me was like, dude.

I'm the BUSNINJA. If I didn't want you to see me, you wouldn't have seen me.


  1. Well, that was a full left turn from where I thought you were going.

    1. I appreciate the transportation-related expression, but where did you think it was going?