Saturday, December 12, 2015


The other night I walked home from the grocery store, which is likely to be a thing of the indefinite future because Prop. 1 didn't pass in Salt Lake County.

(Those of you whom I hold personally responsible, you know who you are)

It was cold and raining that night, and I was carrying five laden grocery bags and an umbrella. Fortunately I was not holding a gallon of milk with my bare fingers, but my fingers were exactly one skosh less impliable than if that had been the case. I got to the door of our humble abode and rang the doorbell because I wasn't sure I could unpry my fingers to operate a key in the lock.

commutergirl answered the door and gently chided me for inadequately protecting myself from the cold. I answered with false bravado, because I am a man, "I used to do this all the time, you know."

To which she responded, "You're not young and single anymore."


I refuse to believe I am an old man.

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  1. I think her point was in the word "single". As in, 'when you were single, if you died on the way home, no one would care. But now that you're not single, if you don't make it back, I have to take care of the youngens by myself.'