Tuesday, December 15, 2015


So, yesterday. What a day, huh? It's so hard to remember when it's not snowing that it snows in Utah.

Yesterday I left for work about 40 minutes earlier than usual. I got to work about 40 minutes later than usual. Work was like counting the survivors after a natural disaster. I was far from the last one to arrive! Naturally, a number of people complained about their drive to work, as people who drive to work during a snowstorm will. But I hope that amongst our complaining we all remembered the people who left for work three hours before I got up, so that they could drive through a snowstorm all freaking day.

Yes, I'm talking about the bus drivers. On my bus to work yesterday, a couple of people were like, "Why are you so late?" and the bus driver, to his credit, calmly gestured around as if to say, "Good sir, were you not just standing out in the middle of the reason I am so late?" Seriously, I get that it sucks to stand in the snow for a half hour; I've done it. But I don't hold it against the bus driver.

And, can we have a moment of silence for the UTA twitterpeople? who knew when they woke up yesterday morning that they were going to have a very long day even after their long journey to work?

(observes moment of silence)

I'm ridiculously grateful I didn't have to drive yesterday, and I'm grateful to those who did so I didn't have to. And if you'd like to not drive next time it snows like the dickens, well, you know who to ask.

(I'll be waiting)

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