Monday, January 18, 2016


Shortly after we bought the minivan and shortly before we traded in its predecessor I found myself possessed of the need to move Baby's carseat to the van late on a Saturday night so I wouldn't have to do it early on Sunday morning. While I was wrestling the carseat into the van seat one of our neighbors came up and said, "You got a new van! Congratulations!"

We chatted for a moment about vans and cars, and how we were getting rid of the old car, and then he said:

But you're still gonna keep walking, right?

(So you have noticed)

"Of course!" I said.

I don't often encounter my neighbors on my way to the bus stop, and I'm not a very friendly person. But apparently people do notice, which is encouraging.


  1. they notice you the way that Kevin notices Old Man Marley in Home Alone?

  2. Since I usually walk to church on good days I surprise some people during the winter when they see me at church with a car.