Monday, January 18, 2016


I swear I'm not having you on.

We bought a minivan, and then commutergirl took it to Costco, and put the groceries in the back, and I just thought, this is how it ends. Addio bel passato.

We had no great plans to buy a minivan; as Malvolio would say, some have greatness thrust upon them. It just so happened that commutergirl got sideswiped in the Taurus, and the Taurus got dented. This was enough to total it, because the car was worthless. And after some introspection we decided that the car was worthless, and we knew it was worthless for a long time; and our family wasn't getting any smaller, so maybe we should buy a minivan.

So for a day and a half, we perused used cars in Sandy and Draper for the purpose of buying a used car and also judging our surroundings. Once, when we got cut off during a test drive, I barked at the other driver


at which the car salesman laughed, nervously, because I'm sure he had no idea what I meant. Poor guy; he was a nice fellow, but I'm afraid we were a little too much for him, what with our continual ragging on the suburbs and our unwillingness to go into debt.

Eventually we found the right van from the right chill salesman, and even though it was still a swindle ($300 for document processing so that we could get a paper that had been typewritered through all the lines to where we can barely read the VIN . . . et al.) it was several thousand less than we could have spent elsewhere. It smells like smoke on the inside. One of the headlights is burnt out (though the other is pretty bright). The radio turns on but doesn't make sound. But we have a car. Are you happy, society?

We returned home triumphantly from our car-buying excursion. Just kidding. We returned home tired and cranky. I'm glad that we have something to drive to the hospital in when the time comes (this was part of our urgency in buying something new). I'm not thrilled that we dipped into our house fund to pay for it. I'm still going to wait for a half-hour for the 209 to come back when I go grocery shopping in the evenings.

(If you're going to be a transit-dependent urbanite, be one, am I right?)


  1. What an interesting story about purchasing a mini-van. It is such a shame that your old car got hit and was forced to take its end. Glad, though, that you were able to find a decently priced mini-van from a chill salesman. I hope all goes well with the new purchase and that your trips to the hospital will go okay.

  2. My Nissan Sentra died about six months back. Still carless. Inconvenient, but cheap!