Tuesday, March 29, 2016


(That does lend it rather an air of finality when I don't include a subtitle, doesn't it. < River Song Voice>Spoilers.< /River Song Voice>)

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Sometime last year (I wasn't taking notes), I realized that this blog would have 900 posts and be done. Two children, the fact that my work is a significant outlet for my creative energy, the sudden inexplicable onerousness of having to write several posts in a row about specific routes without basing them on recent experiences, all contributed to the frequency of my posts on this blog steadily declining; therefore, they declined. Not wanting to leave the blog out in the wilderness, I decided 900 was a good number to stop at; therefore, I am stopping.

It is pause-inducing to contemplate how much my life has changed since I began writing this blog in 2010. Take a look at this picture of me from that time period:

 I can see him looking out at me accusingly, as if to say, "What have you done with my life?" to which I would put on my best FrontRunner dad glare

and say, "Listen, you, I've done plenty with my life. I've gotten two degrees. I met commutergirl and we dated and I proposed to her in the same spot my grandpa proposed to my grandma and we got married and had two kids. I got my dream job and moved to the city and we're going to buy a house now. Yes, a house; so you can keep your judgey eyes to yourself, mister I-share-a-bunkbed-with-a-stranger-because-I'm-in-college-and-I-make-no-money."

I've written elsewhere that ". . . I was nobody before I was married; I was pointless before I had a family. I have learned to love, and be loved, more than I ever thought possible." My life is full of good things now and if blogging no longer occupies as much of my time, well, maybe it no longer needs to.

I'll always probably be on the internet somewhere

but I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I hope you have as well. I'm keeping the Twitter, for what it's worth. I'll comment on things from time to time, and I'll probably be spotted at the odd public hearing, and even a musical performance here and there. But the best, of course, is if you can find me on a bus. Happy trails!

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  1. Hello, sweetie. I haven't read all 900 posts, but I have enjoyed your point-of-view from time to time. Thanks for sharing, and good luck in your future endeavors. < /comment>

  2. I very much enjoy your writing, whatever the topic really. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I'll miss your posts, but I like your explanation. Stay happy.